Frequently Asked Questions – WNS

The government guidelines and Pubic Health advice mean that it is not suitable to operate communal shelters like the one that has run in Eastbourne for the last nine years. We are unable to use church halls this year to provide emergency shelter.

Eastbourne Borough Council have responded to provide single room accommodation in the current situation. They have leased two 6-bed properties to provide additional temporary accommodation to those that would otherwise be street homeless. This will run very differently from the Winter Night Shelter and the Rough Sleeping Initiative (RSI) team will take responsibility for assessing and placing residents and for managing the houses.

The RSI team have asked us to continue to be involved in this Winter Temporary Accommodation. Due to the Covid guidelines  and the limitations of space within the properties, we are restricted in how much interaction will be possible with residents.

We are providing hot meals each day and some social interaction with residents during the evenings and at weekends.

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