About us

Kingdom Way Trust is a Christian charitable organisation based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. We started in 2010 with the aim of providing shelter for rough sleepers during the cold winter months, and showing love and compassion.
We quickly realised that wasn’t enough. Turning someone back on to the streets on the 1st of March when the night shelter closed meant we’d only helped with the symptoms of homelessness and not addressed the causes. Whilst there is a place for night shelters, our aim is to facilitate sustainable solutions if people really want to change.
To that end, in June 2014 we opened our first house to provide supported living, a place for people to address barriers to a stable lifestyle and discover skills, attitudes and values that will give substance to their hope for a better future. This house is called ‘The Bridge’ and you can read more about it here. We also run other projects which you can read about on this website – Hope Woodwork and Hope into Action

You can read more about our Vision and Ethos here.

Board of Trustees

There are currently six Trustees. Click to find out more about them…

Brian Arnott

Brian was born in the South East of England. He left school in 1969 and worked in the Financial Planning Industry for just over 42 years. He was a Director of a Firm of Independent Financial Advisers for around 15 years until he sold his share of the Company to his fellow Director in 2007. Since that time he has been a Consultant for his old Company and has spent much of his time working in the voluntary sector. He also helped his son to get his IT business (IngenuIT) off the ground.

Brian has been a Trustee of Kingdom Way Trust since its foundation in September 2010. He is Chair of Trustees at his home Church in Heathfield East Sussex (Kings Church).

He is also a Trustee for a Registered Charity (Hope for Lugazi ) working in Uganda with the aim of helping the Community build a Christian school and linking sponsors in the UK with individual Ugandan children.

Brian is part of the Trustee team at Ascension Trust which is the umbrella organisation for the Street Pastor initiative with over 11,000 volunteers who walk the Streets of Britain between the hours of 10pm and 3am most weeks making sure youngsters are safe as they enjoy a night out. He is charged with developing Partnerships with National Organisations linked to the “night time economy”.

He is passionate about helping the poor and vulnerable in both the UK and beyond.

David Barratt

David was originally a native of Nottingham. He worked in the sugar industry for 42 years. David has been a Trustee of Kingdom Way Trust since its foundation in September 2010. He is a member of All Saints Church in Eastbourne.

David is the Projects Director for all KWT projects with particular responsibility as Coordinator for the Eastbourne Winter Night Shelter and line manager for the House Leaders of The Bridge. He is also a volunteer with Fatfleshed, a Christian ministry feeding homeless and vulnerable people through a weekly meal programme.

David’s vision is that broken people may encounter the love of God through the words and deeds of Christian believers. This for some will lead them to find hope and freedom in Jesus Christ and begin to prepare them for a better future.

Robert Lovatt

Robert started his career as a banker, but soon moved into school teaching (secondary maths for 8 years) and for the last 26 years has been a vicar within the Church of England.

He has served in churches in Plymouth, Paris Nottingham and Eastbourne.

Robert has shown a great interest in the church responding to the needs of vulnerable and especially homeless people. He is also a trustee of Fatfleshed, a Christian ministry to help provide meals for homeless people in Eastbourne.

More recently Robert has served on the management committee of the Eastbourne Winter Night Shelter and his own church has been one of the participating churches in the programme.

Robert’s heart is for the church not merely to preach the good news of Jesus but to be good news for those for whom homelessness and poverty is a problem.

Bill Owen

Bill is an accountant and works for Kingsway Trust in Eastbourne.

Jim and Heather Herring

Jim became a Christian in 1984. He had a history of substance misuse from his teenage years and though not physically addicted was certainly psychologically addicted and affected by drug misuse and the associated lifestyle.

After working in various jobs for a few years, a couple of years into their marriage Jim and Heather did a two year Community Counselling Course with Youth With A Mission. Jim then worked with Langley House Trust in a hostel for Ex-Offenders for 18 months while Heather continued with clerical/secretarial work at a GP surgery.

In September 1998 Jim and Heather started Door of Hope in Reading. Hope House provides accommodation and supported living for people recovering from alcohol and substance misuse. Jim and Heather were resident ‘House Parents’ for seventeen and a half years and their three children were born during those years living in. They no longer live at Hope House but continue to work there and with the wider work of Door of Hope which includes Recovery Groups and individual counselling and prayer ministry within LifeSpring Church based at The Pavilion in Reading.

Advisory Group

We have an Advisory Group to give technical input and spiritual support. These are the people who have agreed to help us in an advisory capacity:

Julian Dale

Julian writes (in 2014): “I’m delighted to accept the invitation to be on the Advisory Group at KWT. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside David at Fatfleshed for the last five years and to see the fabulous work that the Winter Night Shelter has achieved in the last two years. I’m a Barrister by profession and have been head of Sussex Chambers for the last 8 years. I’m a Trustee with Fatfleshed and usually act as chair at the monthly Leader’s meetings. I’m a member of All Saint’s Church where I teach Sunday School, lead a teenage youth group and produce the panto. I’ve been hugely excited as David has shared with me the new plans for supported accommodation over the last year and I’m keen to offer whatever help I can to bring this project to fruition. I’m never happier than when making myself fully available to do Jesus’s work.”

Timothy Ezat

Margaret Gardner

Margaret writes: “Having retired from working as a solicitor specialising in charity law, I now enjoy spending more time with my family: I am married with two married daughters and five young grandchildren. As a member of All Saints’ Church, I helped on the Night Shelter Team last winter and found it to be a very worthwhile experience which I hope to repeat this winter. My Christian faith and a settled home life are very important to me, so it is a privilege to be involved with a charity which is working to bring those opportunities to others.”

Emma Moreton

Emma is married to Glyn and they have 2 children. Emma is an advocacy worker with the Eastbourne Foodbank. Until December 2014 she was co-pastor of Old Town Community Church in Eastbourne and prior to this served as a development worker overseas. Most of Emma’s work has been alongside marginalised people, including the abused, addicted, exploited and spiritually lost. Whilst in the Philippines, Emma helped set up and run a 1 year residential programme for sexually exploited women and their children. In Tunisia, North Africa, she worked with the government to establish safe houses and created a training programme to help vulnerable women gain employment skills and set up micro businesses. Emma has agreed to join the KWT advisory group as she supports the vision of KWT and recognises the value of journeying with people in an assisted housing / residential setting, and helping people find new life.

Linda Owen

Linda came to know Jesus in 1986, has lived in Eastbourne for 23 years and worships at All Saints church. She works as a volunteer at ‘Revival’ – the Eastbourne Prayer Centre. She has been involved in praying for the church in Eastbourne, for transformation, a united church, a fruitful church, and has always felt that the Lord’s heart is tender towards the needy and marginalised within our communities. Linda is also a member of the management team for Eastbourne Street Pastors and coordinates the prayer supporters.

Mark Redhouse

Mark is the vicar of All Souls Eastbourne.

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts is a writer, author and speaker with a particular interest in community, faith and social compassion. He is has extensive knowledge of community based work through his previous role as a trustee in an Eastbourne community centre used by over 4000 people every month.

Project team

Roland Brown – Trust Manager

Roland started his working life in retail management but joined Kingdom Way Trust when he returned to Eastbourne in 2017 from working for 10 years in Peru. There he was in senior management and leadership positions and worked particularly with a micro-finance organisation in the development of small businesses.

Roland has a passion to work particularly for the disadvantaged. He values the good stewardship of resources and likes tasks to be done well and efficiently, but not at the expense of compassion.

Roland takes the lead role in development of the Trust and maintains an overview of all of our projects. He provides the day-to-day management and support necessary for ensuring these projects operate as smoothly, strategically, effectively and sustainably as possible.

Aggi Kasparis – Support Worker for ‘The Bridge’ Supported Accommodation

Aggi has a passion for seeing lives changed. He works directly with supporting the residents, and generally helping with the running of the house. Aggi is part of Kings Centro Church in Eastbourne.

Ray Whitby – General Manager at Hope Woodwork

Ray has worked in the academic sector for over 20 years, both in the UK and abroad. His last post was as a Full Professor in Nanomaterials Chemistry at a new university in Astana, Kazakhstan, where he also co-ran a church mainly for expatriates. He has since retired from academic life (very early) and has been learning a raft of woodworking skills, including making acoustic guitars.

Ray joined Hope Woodwork in 2018, where he now manages the Hope Woodwork Project. He has a passion for training people, where he will use many of his transferable skills to benefit the Placements, and use his creativity to help the project to become self-sustainable.

Placement Support Worker at Hope Woodwork

Ali supports each person who comes to train at Hope Woodwork in their progress through the courses and works with them on realising their plans for the future. She also maintains contact with various agencies who refer people who will benefit from attending the workshop.

Registered charity and company information

We are a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, number 01139646
and a Registered Company, Limited by Guarantee, number 7379364

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