Articles for February 2018

Two new job vacancies

Kingdom Way Trust has two job vacancies:

Hope Woodwork General Manager and

Hope Woodwork Placement Support Worker (part time)

Kingdom Way Trust is seeking a General Manager to take a lead role in the work and development of the Hope Woodwork Project. The successful candidate will

  • Develop the quality of service offered to Placements and Customers.

  • Seek to increase production and sales to reach financial self-sustainability of the project.

  • Be actively involved in overall project direction and development as well as providing the day-to-day management and support necessary for ensuring Hope Woodwork operates as effectively as possible.

Kingdom Way Trust is also seeking a part time Placement Support Worker (PSW) for the Hope Woodwork project to develop the quality of service offered to Placements, enabling them to reach their full potential and become ‘work ready’. The PSW will ensure intentional support by regular reviews with Placements. The PSW will liaise closely with agencies referring into our service and with complementary training and other service providers, as well as with potential employers.

Hope Woodwork is a project of Kingdom Way Trust and exists to serve unemployed people over 18 who want to get into paid employment, and people in recovery who need daily activity and ultimately want to work. We aim to provide a service which reflects the real world of work but which is tailored to individual needs.

Further details and application forms available at

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.